Strategies to drive hospitality business success globally.

Design companies exist to serve clients and help manage their real estate needs in hospitality. That’s where Nikau Design Group comes in. Our consultants work with clients to optimize and streamline hospitality real estate portfolios. The focus is on increasing engagement, strengthening the brands and reducing operating expenses. Our services fall under four main umbrellas: development planning, operational & strategic planning, space & functional programming and brand introduction. Determining a clear sense of direction for each project is key to ensure projects achieve their goals.


Target Audience

Market Opportunities

Business Drivers

Brand Positioning

Great design grows from meticulous research. Our approach to projects utilises research and strategy as a foundation to our design ideas and rationale.

Research enables Nikau Design Group to create innovative environments based on the best possible information and insight, trends, market research, stakeholder engagement and financial studies.

A base that supports our design outcome and our research supports the design adding further assurance to our documented evidence behind our design solutions.

This allows our clients to measure the tangible return on investment.


We constantly intertwine the essence of each project’s respective location into our master planning, architecture and interiors.

The design team aims to create unique and individual visions reflective of the character of each projects’ surroundings. Our project ideas are driven by combining timeless modern design inspired by a sense of place allowing cultural accents of the each sites location.

The design industry is seeing much more importance being placed on unique design and creativity, and our projects benefit because of it. Nikau’s design ideas from our integrated resorts and hotels create a much stronger lifestyle experience for our clients.

We aspire to create a legacy of exceptional architecture that inspires, uplifts and transforms people. Our projects eclipse to express culture, context, lifestyle, community, and personal values.

We are passionate and inspired by design, art, cuisine, travel, culture and transform sites and spaces ready to be tailored to each clients’ requirements.